Thursday, October 27, 2011

taking a walk

This moring when I went to go out for my run I noticed my cell phone battery was basically dead. Since that cell phone pulls double duty as my pace/distance monitor and my music player, I was about to scrap the whole run and stay home. When I don't monitor my pace I tend to go nuts and hurt myself somehow... not worth it.

Then I thought about it some more and decided to just go my usual route and walk it. If nothing else, it gets me out of the house, gets me moving around, and I still get in 30 minutes of exercise even if it is less intense.

After all, if I am serious about my goals, I need to make choices every day that reflect those goals.

So... I walked it out. And you knwo what? It wasn't super intense. It wasn't anything like my runs full of sweat, adrenaline, and loud music to keep me going. My walk was relaxing. It was refreshing. It was energizing in a different way than my runs normally are.

Tomorrow I can lace up the running shoes and make up the training run I skipped today. I can stay on track to rock my 5K in about 2 weeks. But today I'm going to be happy that I did somethign good for myself, even if it was different than what was planned.

Sometimes you need to take the endorphins whichever way you can get them.

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