Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Biggest Loser

While watching my DVRed episodes of his season of the Biggest Loser I came to understand why I love this show so much.

Of course I like watching people change their lives.

Of course I like seeing the impressive results at the end.

However, I think the reason I continue to watch, season after season, is because of the people. No matter how many times I watch, every season the people struggle with the same issues regarding food and their own body image. These people started out relatively healthy and, somewhere down the road, something happened that sent them on a downward spiral. They used food as a coping mechanism and hid themselves from life as much as possible.

Then, somehow they end up on the ranch and the trainers there help them recover from this dependence on food and avoidance.

It's so much like an addiction recovery that at times I feel like I'm watching Intervention.

I love this show, even if their methods are a bit extreme.

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