Sunday, November 27, 2011

the holiday treat trap

The one downside to the holidays is the amount of sweets and treats available. It seems like the holidays come around and suddenly my ability to rationally choose what I eat goes right out the window.

This was a non-issue last year because I was miserably sick with gallbladder issues during Thanksgiving and recovering from surgery/moving during Christmas. There were no treats in the house and no temptation to go get any. The 45 minute drive to starbucks alone pretty much killed any potential for giving into cravings.

Although I am grateful for the positive changes in my life, namely the fact that I don't require any additional surgeries and am living in an area that Steve and I love, it does bring about the holiday treat temptations again. Having a Starbucks inside of or sharing a parking lot with every grocery store in my area only adds to that temptation.

I won't list it all out because you will find it as gross as I do, but suffice it to say that Thanksgiving and the first few days of the Christmas season have been a major wake up call for me about how easily the holidays can get out of hand with food... among other things. I certainly haven't been careful with my food choices this last week and the uncomfortable symptoms I'm experiencing as a result are serving as a great reminder of why moderation is so important. As I type this my stomach is rolling from the sugar in my afternoon latte (that I grabbed at the Starbucks inside Target).

The only thing I can think of to prevent me from falling into the holiday indugence trap is to remind myself why we celebrate the holidays in the first place. The holidays (regardless of what black friday rioting and car commericals tell you) are not about mindless indulgence. The holidays are about celebrating life and being thankful for the many blessings we have received this year.

I can't possibly list all of the blessings I have been given... even just in this past year, but one of the most important blessings I have received is the knowledge that I have nothing to prove. I am happy with my life and the future I am building.

Cookies and lattes can't give me anything close to that kind of contentment. You know what can? Going for a run and seeing how much progress I have made in the last year. Taking Finn to one of the many dog parks nearby with Steve and seeing how happy he is to run full speed with his doggy friends. Reading some new research to help me prepare for my observations next semester. If I am going to choose to indulge myself, why not indulge in something that will only add to the blessings I've got?

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