Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our House Updates: the living room

As promised, I finally have some pictures for you of the inside of the new house! It's not perfect, and I suspect it will never be completely finished, but I like it enough to post pictures.

Here is how it looked BEFORE with the previous owner's stuff:
 (you can't really tell, but the paint color in the room is a sea foam green)

And this is what it looks like AFTER our move and modifications:

We painted three of the walls a light, buttery yellow and then more of a true gold as the color for the accent wall. That color runs through the paisley pattern of our couch, but it seemed too much for the whole room. Steve came up with the idea of using it for an accent wall and I love how it came out. We were also able to use a lot of artwork we already had on the walls, including our Quaker Wedding certificate which is in a place where we can actually see it on a regular basis instead of tucked away in the dining room like it was before. It's my favorite thing in the house, so I'm thrilled that it has such a prominent place now.

The sconces on either side of the TV were gifts from Steve's mom. She bought them thinking they would look nice above the couch, but they really seemed to fit on the TV wall better. It's what made the room feel more finished to me.

You can't see it in these pictures, but there is a large bookshelf in the back corner of the room, near the doorway to the back hallway. It isn't anything fancy - just a simple Walmart bookshelf - but it allows me to have books nearby. We do have plans to put some sort of chair in the other corner to create a little reading nook back there eventually.

Of course, the best parts of this room are things that were there all along... the incredible tile floors and ridiculous amount of natural light. :)

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