Friday, August 27, 2010

why I love Petsmart

I called Petsmart today to register Finn for his first training course. He's going to be taking their puppy class to learn some basic manners and get some socialization. He gets some with the neighborhood dogs, but more is always good too.

So I called the store to register him and this is how the conversation went:

Me: Hi! I'd like to register my puppy for the puppy training course starting on September 18th.

Petsmart guy: Ok, great! Let me pull up the form and get some information from you. What's your baby's name?

Maybe this means I'm one of those crazy pet mommies, but I absolutely loved that the guy referred to Finn as my baby throughout the conversation. He also talked to me about all of my concerns about his size in relation to other dogs in the class, his mouthing habit and even what treats are best for training.

Finn truly is my baby, he's my sweet furbaby and he's been a complete blessing to me ever since we got him. I feel safe and protected while Steve is away and taking him on walks is helping me to be much more active. Playing with him is making me feel much happier than I was before too.

I guess it was just nice to have a conversation about my dog where the person I was speaking to seemed to inherantly understand how much my pup means to me. I'm so excited to bring Finn into the store for his first class! I know we will both be in good hands.


  1. sounds like you two are becoming quite the duo. Looking forward to meeting your little pony. HAHA

  2. TOO cute! I remember Lily being referred to as "my baby" at the vet for the first time. Made my little heart melt! :) Welcome to the crazy canine mommy club! ;)