Tuesday, August 24, 2010

attack of the ducks

On Tuesdays I don't go into work until later in the day. So, after sleeping in a bit, I try to take Finn out for a long walk to get him good and tired before he goes into his crate while I'm at work.

This morning we're doing our thing when all of a sudden, we get dive bombed by the two ducks that live in the neighborhood pond. I seriously had to duck my head (no pun intended) to avoid getting hit. Then, they landed about three feet in front of us and started waddling our direction like we were going to feed them or something.

Finn has a plush duck squeaky toy that he ADORES... so in his mind these duckies are just walking chew toys and he wants to play. He starts lunging at them and alternating between barking at them and whimpering at me. All while I'm struggling to keep him a safe distance and move around them to avoid a ducky massacre.

So I manage to get around them so they are no longer blocking our path home. This is when the ducks start to CHASE US! They are quacking and waddling like I'm running off with their BFF.

This is when I realize the ducks are suicidal and I'm about five seconds away from becoming known as the crazy girl with the duck murdering dog.

Thankfully, before the ducks could catch up to us, the neighborhood maintenance guy drives up on his golf cart, jumps out and starts shooing the ducks away from us. I yelled a quick thanks over my shoulder and took off toward home.

Needless to say, I think Finn's duck toy is going to be replaced with a squeaky dinosaur. If the day comes when one of those is chasing us on our morning walk we'll have bigger problems than what the neighbors will think.

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