Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tim Gunn would be proud

Tomorrow marks the beginning of week three of the semester and I am making it work!

The amount of reading and prep required for class is still an adjustment since there is a lot, but I am slowly getting used to it and finding "extra" time to work it all in. Switching from my purse to simply carrying my school tote makes a huge difference.

Thirty minute karate class waiting on the kiddos? That's thirty minutes to work through a chapter for class. Sitting in the carpool line to pick up kiddo A? That's fifteen minutes to review notes and start my literacy reading responses.

It is strange to spend a weekend reading class materials and completing assignments when before my homework took maybe an hour. The program director wasn't trying to intimidate us when she said this was a rigorous program. It truly is going to require more dedication than any of us imagined in order to do well.

However, the more work I do and the more time I spend in class discussion and at retreats with others in my block (like the one on Friday), I begin to feel even more motivated to do well. I feel even more proud of the fact that I was accepted to the program. I feel even more excited about what is to come.

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