Tuesday, January 17, 2012

be careful what you ask for

My mom came over on Monday (MLK Day) since we both had the day off. She and I went through my syllabi, grabbed some lunch, scored two great blazers at Goodwill, and raided the Children's Literature section of Barnes and Noble. It was awesome.

However, the best point of the day may have been about five minutes after she arrived at my house. You see, my mom reads this blog and, after my last post, showed up at my door with my very own Yoda bobble head.

He has been dubbed Study Buddy Yoda and lives on my nightstand when I'm not doing school work. It's a nice reminder of my mantra (Do or do not.... there is no try) and of all the people I have rooting for me while I complete my program.

And the force must really be with me because I got an idea for my ABC's book today that is so full of win even Tom Brady is jealous. I'll post more about that once the assignment is complete and I have my book published. No need to tempt people into stealing the idea. ;)

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