Thursday, March 1, 2012

hanging in there: a quick update on the semester so far

Nope, you're not hallucinating, I am actually updating my blog!

This semester has been a big adjustment for me since there are so many projects that require incredible amounts of time. Just when you finish one, you've got another one due in a week! Not that I am complaining. The information and experiences I have encountered so far have helped me grow by leaps and bounds already. This program is tough, but so am I.

The ABC book I mentioned a while back has been turned in and your's truly made top marks. Of course. :) Here is a little sample of my work for those who are interested...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The book was about grocery shopping for ingredients needed to make dinner for a group of friends with various diet restrictions such as gluten free and vegan. Who knew having knowledge about foods that start with X and Q would come in handy? Or that the few months of a strict elimination diet would provide source material for a creative assignment? Just goes to show you that there is a reason for everything.

Like I said, the completion of this project doesn't mean I can really relax. Next up I have to compile a text set comprised of children's books that address the topic of immigration. This assignment will hopefully be helpful when it comes time to actually write a story of my own (which is the next assignment for my ESOL class). Meanwhile, I will also be gathering information for my focal child project in which I monitor and report on the physical, social, and cognitive growth of one of the children in my kindergarten placement.

Of course we have lesson plans to write, journals to keep, and readings to keep up with each week as well. I've said it before... this program is tough. I am really enjoying it though. Nothing has really felt like busy work so far and that is a welcome change.

This week is my spring break so I have a bit of leisure time between working on projects. You can thank the break for this update. Next week it is back to kindergarten and due dates. This week is also registration for the summer semester. No rest for the weary.... after a break over the month of May (in which Steve and I are actually taking a vacation) I start classes again. I am registered for Statistics and an Art/Music in Education course. Should be fun!

I think that pretty much sums up the semester thus far. No promises about updates on the regular, but I do hope to be able to pop in more often. My fancy new ipad should help me out with that. :)

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