Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

Whoo! Party!

Or, well.... sort of.

As far as birthdays go, this one is pretty mellow. My day has been just a regular day outside of the texts, calls, and facebook messages full of birthday wishes. I love knowing that people are thinking about me today, but none of it changes the fact that I still had class and work.

Case-in-point: being the birthday girl is not a valid excuse for missing my 3 hour math lecture today... so I went. All part of being a responsible adult.

There will be a cookout/gathering/party type event this weekend though when I visit my parents.

I'm also throwing myself a bit of a celebration tonight. In fact, a recent discovery of mine has ensured that my own little solo celebration is going to be epic.

As I was browsing whole foods yesterday for some sort of non-dairy, low sugar, nut free treat for my birthday I discovered that the stories on the internet are true... vegan chocolate does in fact exist! As if that weren't good enough, I also found vegan pizza!

That's right friends... I am having pizza and chocolate tonight for the first time in almost a month! If grocery shopping was like Scrabble those finds would have been the equivalent of a triple word score using the letters Q and Z.

So happy Birthday to me and thank you again to all of myfamily/ friends who have made me feel so loved today, and thanks to the scientists/food engineers who have given me "safe" treats to indulge in on my special day.

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