Saturday, June 25, 2011

check out this voodoo

Starbucks has figured out a way to make coffee taste like a Mounds bar.

You know, the coconut and sweetened milk logs covered in dark chocolate? A.K.A the best candy bar in the history if candy bars?

Starbucks has managed to take this deliciousness and make it better by adding coffee and making it dairy free. My day seriously just got about 4 times better.

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While I was in the store getting my chocolatey, summery, coffee fix I found something else that is awesome. I think I've mentioned how my beloved green mug is severely cracked an on it's last leg handle, right? I've been looking for a stand in to help me out on late night study sessions when I'm too tired to remember to compensate for the fragile handle... and today I found it.

Also green and white with some gold accents, also a cheesy souvenir, also full of win for no real reason.... my new mug is like the long lost cousin of my old mug. It is slightly bigger though which means more coffee with less breaks to refill. Overall, very pleased with my random stop at the buck.
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