Monday, April 19, 2010

pictures from the race

After a crazy week, and and even crazier weekend, I finally have time to put up pictures from my race! Here ya go:

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Steve and I before I got to the start line

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waiting for the official start/ listening to the bagpiper play "The Hills of Montezuma"

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my mom caught this one when the course double backed toward the start.

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crossing the finish line! Woohoo!
In case you were wondering.... The t-shirt I was wearing was an AOII shirt. When I entered college I joined a local sorority that had hopes to become a chapter of a national organization someday. My best friend (and twin in the sorority) and I made it our goal to be the ones to take that group national, and we did. In 2009 we were installed as the 185th chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi fraternity. It was a huge goal that took time, patience and dedication. The shirt was worn in an effort to remind myself that I am capable of so much more than I think I am. It helped me focus and I think I'm going to keep some sort of AOII-wear on me whenever I race from now on.

I'm currently looking around for my next race. There is one that benefits Food for the Hungry coming up in September that I think I might do and another that benefits mission work in Mexico that hasn't set a date yet but you can bet your tush I'll be there with bells on! I'm going to keep training and hopefully be able to run the entire distance next time. That's the goal. :)

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