Monday, April 5, 2010

gym etiquette

I'll admit, I'm a gym newbie. I'm technically lower than a newbie because my puny apartment gym hardly counts as a real gym since it's only got two treadmills, two eillipticals and a bowflex. Still, even in my newbie status at my wannabe gym there is a certain level of etiquette expected.

Today there were some people in the gym that were clearly not versed in this etiquette and it really annoyed me.

So, on the off chance that one of my 20 followers is a wannabe-gym super newbie, I give you the etiquette guidelines for small, wannabe-gyms.

1. Don't leave your crap lying around. - All comments about not being your mom aside... there is limited space as it is. The last thing I need is to trip over your nasty towel/cooler/janitor keyring/duffel bag on my way to the treadmill. Why are you even bringing all of that crap anyway? You're working out less than 100 yards from your apartment. I promise, you don't need to pack for the trip.

2. Maintain a t.v. sharing to volume ratio. - If you are going to insist on having the tv turned up as loud as it will go please at least keep it centered so we can all see what we are forced to listen to. Better yet, keep the volume at a normal level so I don't have to burst my eardrums with my headphones in an attempt to drown out Spongebob.

3. keep the noises to yourself. - I can understand letting a grunt or something slip every once in a while if you are really pushing it, but the "look at me I'm so awesome I have to loudly grunt during each rep" is a bit disturbing. The same goes for moaning and growling. This is a tiny gym the size of my parents' laundry room and I do not know you. Random noises of exertion when you aren't even sweating is creepy.

4. If you don't know what you are doing read the instructions on the equipment or come back when you are ready to be serious. - There is a limited amount of equipment and space. I am not abotu to be hurt by some idiot acting a fool. Conversely, I'm not about to have to go pay for a private gym membership because some idiot hurt themselves, blamed the management company, and forced the apartment gym to close down.

That's pretty much it. Four simple rules to help you avoid an uncomfortable confrontation and potential throatpunch.

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