Monday, June 25, 2012

Some things just aren't surprising

As I stated before, this summer I am taking two math courses. I have a statistics course and an algebra course. When I first signed up for these courses at the same time and chose to cram a traditional 15 week semester into 6 weeks, I knew I was taking on a lot. I knew it would involve a lot of studying. I knew it would be a major effort to come out of the ordeal with a C at minimum. Now that I have passed the midpoint in each course I am here to tell you all that my perception of the semester was right on the money. I am working my butt off and feeling the strain. Statistics isn't so bad. I seem to be able to recall quite a bit from high school and catch on quickly to the new stuff. Algebra is still an ugly beast though. However, I currently have an A in statistics and a low B in algebra so we are counting it as a win thus far. I just have to keep up this momentum for another 3ish weeks until finals are over. Then it's on to block 2 and fun times in the first grade! I've got less than a year of classes left and then student teaching, then I am officially a teacher. This process is painful and frustrating at times, but I am learning so much about myself that I can't help but be grateful for the journey.

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