Tuesday, September 27, 2011

laundry really shouldn't be this exciting

Recently I have made two purchases that have completely changed my life. The first is a canister of Downy Unstoppables:

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These llittle scented granules go into your washing machine and make your clothes smell incredible. Best of all though is the fact that the scent doesn't go away for DAYS. Seriously. I wore a dress and sweater to the beach recently and got covered in sea water (a consequence of being short and an unexpectedly tall wave)... once the clothes dries they STILL smelled good. Even Steve's undershirts smell good after being worn all day. Anything that can make sweaty man clothes still smell fresh is a winner in my book.

The second purchase was this Canopy 3 bin laundry sorter:

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Steve put it together for me, so I have no idea how easy that part is, but the finished product is one of the best things of my week so far. Most laundry sorter things I've seen are just one big mesh or canvas bag with dividers in it attached to the frame with glue or something so you HAVE to store the fool thing in the laundry room to make it even slightly useful... not the case here. There are three seperate canvas bags which are easily hooked onto the frame by what is essentially a modified clothes hanger. Each bag is completely removeable on it's own so when one is full I just lift it out and carry it to the laundry closet. Even bigger perk, the handles of the bag (yeah, it's got legit handles) are wide enough to fit over the handles on the laundry closet door and hang there while the clothes wash. Each bag is big enough to hold about one large load of clothes and the unit isn't so big that having it in our room creates any space issues. I see this thing being really convenient for college students or anyone who has to haul laundry down stairs to wash it.

Anyway.... as I was doing laundry this morning, using my new stuff, feeling all
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I realized that I am 24 years old. People my age get excited about a lot of things, like the new season of American Idol and a sale at H&M, but they don't typically happy dance over a new laundry basket or anything to do with Downy.

Suddenly, all those years of being called "Martha" by friends in school make sense.

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