Wednesday, February 23, 2011

small update

I just realized that I never posted an update after my colonoscopy. Maybe most of you are glad for this.... I don't know. I'm sure the wellness of my colon is not exactly a topic everyone is anxious to discuss. However, for those sweet people who have been there for me through all of my issues and would like to know what is going on, this blog entry is for you.

Last friday I went in for my colonoscopy with my new gastroenterologist. This hospital was much nicer than the last one, but the nurses and doctors and other staff were just as friendly. (special note: when I say this hospital was nicer I mean WAY nicer... there was complimentary valet parking and a concierge. Not to mention registration did not take place in a trailer.)

They had the awesome new hospital gowns that completely cover your bum and open with snaps on your shoulders when you go into the OR. They also gave me another pair of super cool hospital socks for my collection. Everythign during prep went swimmingly except for getting the IV in. Colonoscopy prep, for those who don't know, essentially drains you of all fluids. I drank about three times my body weight in water the day before and it still wasn't enough to keep me hydrated. (Not really a suprise when you have to take 32 laxatives in the course of an evening). They ended up putting the IV in my wrist so I looked a bit sketch once I left the hospital later in the day with a bandaged wrist. 

I was put under with IV sedation during the proceedure so I wouldn't feel anything. All I remember was the anesthesiologist putting in the meds and then I was off in zen happy land for a bit.

Steve keeps reminding me that once I was brought back to my room to recover I was acting like some drunk hippy talking about my happy place in the mountains. I liek to remind him that it's not my fault the drugs they gave me worked so well.

The doctor came in once I was coherant again and let us knwo that my colon is really inflamed. There were pictures (which I have decided not to post this time... lucky you) and you could clearly see that the tissue, which should be pink and healthy looking were actually really red and looked incredibly irritated. The doctor said they didn't find polyps or anythign, but the inflamation is something to look into some more. He took some biopsies and I will be going to see him next week to hear the results of those and do my follow up visit.

At this point I have no idea how serious the problem is. I've done some googling about "inflammed colon" but stopped when the information started making me uncomfortable. It seems liek I finally have some answers about what is causing my problems... now I just have to work with my doctor to determine how we fix it.

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