Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hey you!

Yes, you, the "pastor" that yells about eternal damnation outside of the MARTA station. Does telling other people they are going to hell make you feel better about your own sin? Does spreading hateful words about those who don't believe exactly as you do make you feel more secure in your own faith? Last time I checked, Christ said to love your neighbor as yourself. That means showing compassion and understanding to EVERYONE you meet and treating faith as the gift it is, not some "get out of jail free" card. Threatening and scaring people just makes it that much more difficult for them to find their path to God. If you want to be of service to your religion and spread the word of God, try educating yourself about it first and presenting it in a way that doesn't make people automatically write you off as a cruel, closed-minded asshole.

note: This particular post was inspired by a real "pastor" who stands outside the MARTA station near my school and yells at everyone within earshot about how they are all heathens who are going to hell. I've seen this person several times this semester and each time his actions make me more angry. Mostly because he represents an actual church in downtown atlanta and I knwo for a fact eh is not the only person claiming to be a Christian and spreading such a hateful message. This post is simply a vent of that anger and frustration because I knwo I'll never be able to discuss this with him personally.

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