Thursday, January 6, 2011

goodbye Savannah... hello Atlanta!

After weeks of preparation, stress, and a not so tiny bit of faith that we were making the right choice, Steve and I are finally settled in Atlanta!

We hired movers to get all of our stuff from the third floor walk up apartment we had to our beautiful townhome in the city. It was definitely money well spent, even if they did take forever to load and unload.

The actual move was a bit crazy. The morning of the 28th we took Finn down to daycare so he wouldn't be in the way of the movers and confined Mimi to the bathroom (which she was NOT happy about) so she wouldn't run out the door. We packed my car and Steve's trunk full of the things we woudl need immediate access to like our clothes, toiletries, and the pet bag. We also put our firesafe box and other valuables in my car just because I'm paranoid like that.

The movers got to the apartment at 10am and started moving everything down to the truck. This was a very long process due to the stairs and the fact that it was just the two guys.

While they took things down, we did last minute cleaning (oven, bathroom, etc.).

At least, we did until we got a call from our new leasing company saying the townhouse we were supposed to move into had an electrical problem that they couldn't fix in time for us to move in so they were going to have us move in to another unit instead. This would have been fine if it didn't mean we had a new address and had already set up the utilities and maol to go to the other address!

Poor Steve spent about 5 hours on the phone that day with each utility company explaining the situation and pleading with the technicians to still come out on Wednesday to turn things on.

Around 5pm the movers finished loading the truck and took off. That gave us about 45 minutes to do the last of the cleaning, get the cat to take the tranquilizers from the vet for the 5 hour car ride, do our final sweep, and turn in all keys to the leasing office.

My car ended up also holding the cleaning supplies (including mop and broom), Finn's crate, some artwork, and a garbage bag of random things we forgot about. It was a tight squeeze, but my car earned a name! The little orange car is now lovingly known as mighty mouse for the sheer amount of stuff we were able to fit in the back. I swear, a family of four could live in there if necessary. It also managed to still get 34 MPG on the highway even toting all that crap. I will forever be loyal to Toyota for that reason. This car is insane!

After five and a half hours on the road, me with no heat because SUPRISE! Mr. Clean magic erasers and bleach heat up and release bad fumes in a warm car, we arrived at my parent's house. It was seriously after midnight and we had to be across town at the new place by 8am. Not suprisingly, we grabbed dinner and crashed for the night.

The epic adventure isn't over yet! I'll post part 2 of the craziness soon.

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