Monday, June 7, 2010

So proud and excited!!!

Today is a huge day for a friend of mine. Today, my friend Andy Velo had his first single released to national radio!

This spring he signed a record deal and opened for Brad Paisley. This week he will be playing at various CMA events.

Check out this link to hear his single "Hank It Up" and see more of the promotional information on Andy:

But I would like to take a second to say how incredibly proud I am of Andy and how excited I am for him and his future. I've known him since 5th grade. I taught his little brother's vacation Bible school class. I sang in youth choir with him. Went to church and graduated high school with him. I know that he is a truly good hearted person who has put his heart and soul into his musical career. If anyone deserves to be successful, it's Andy and I am thrilled that his dreams are coming true.

If you like his song please take the time to request it on your local country radio station!

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