Tuesday, May 25, 2010

one more week

It's been a bit crazy around here the last week or so. My mother in law had her surgery and it's really been even more motivation for me to make healthier choices. Steve and I visited her every day while she was in the hospital (a full week) and she's doing well. In this case, the surgery is the easy part and all of the changes to her life and daily routine are the challenging parts so it remains to be seen how successful everything will be. I have faith in her though. She has done so much research about this and is taking the whole thing very seriously. Her diabetes is already much more controlled than it was before!

Steve and I are getting ready to go on (a much needed) vacation as well so we're rushing around a bit this week trying to make sure everything is in place before we leave.

Fitness-wise, I've been a bit of a slacker lately. Hanging around the hospital isn't really conducive to exercise, but I've fit it in where I can and tried to focus on the intuitive eating more. I'm finding that it is much more challenging than most people think it would be. Maybe it's just because I'm a beginner (the more I think about it, the more I think this is the case), but I have had some real struggles with the whole "stop when you are full" thing.

It sounds like it would be common sense. If you aren't hungry anymore, don't continue to eat. A very large part of me feels a little stupid for not being able to make that mental leap when it comes to my favorite foods. At work and in the morning or when I'm eating things I'm not really all that crazy about, I'm fine. Get me around pizza, pasta, french fries, ice cream, or Mexican food though and I just sort of stop listening to my body and go nuts.

I've got some theories as to what may be causing that and I'm coming up with strategies to overcome that compulsion, but it is clearly going to take some time. Lucky for me, I have time and a very supportive husband who is attempting to make healthier choices too.

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