Sunday, June 14, 2015

OOOh, burn!

I guess it's officially summer vacation. Steve and I received our first sunburn of the year!

We spent the day at my parents' house yesterday with my mom, my younger brother and his wife, my older brother, and his girlfriend. It was such a relaxed day. We grilled some burgers, played with my mom's new puppy, and then made our way down to the pool.

Now, despite Steve donning SPF 50 waterproof/sweatproof sunscreen, he got the worse burn of the two of us. I put on my usual SPF 30 suntan lotion in an attempt to get some color. Yeah, I know. The joke is on me.

The funny part is, I'm only burned on my shoulders, chest, and a tiny bit on my cheeks... the places where I notoriously forget to apply sunscreen or don't apply enough. Poor Steve is practically a lobster from the waist up.

Last night was spent putting aloe and after sun moisturizer on our burns.

We are staying inside today in order to avoid making things worse. Make no mistake though, we will be back out and enjoying the pool in our neighborhood as soon as the redness fades to a tan!

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