Sunday, June 8, 2014

We gonna party like...

It's my birthday!

This past year has brought about so many changes and new things. I finished my degree, got a new dog, worked my first semester in a teaching capacity, and got my first job as a classroom teacher. Truly, this year has been full of reaching personal goals. I can only hope being 27 comes with as much excitement as 26 did.

On Thursday I had new teacher orientation at the county administrative office. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't bad! I even ended up sitting next to the new ESOL teacher at my school and had some good conversation. If she is the one working with my kids this year then I know we will all make some great progress. In addition, I learned a lot about my county and got to meet some of the administrators that keep things running smoothly. Part of me is still amazed at how down-to-earth and kind everyone has been up to this point. Several hours in a room going over paperwork could have been an awful way to spend the day, but they made it seem like I was with friends.

I'm looking forward to next school year with so much enthusiasm. It's going to be amazing! August 4th cannot get here fast enough.

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