Monday, January 6, 2014

New Beginnings and Bill Nye Impersonations

It's been almost a month and my brain still has not fully registered the fact that I am done with school. Not only that, but I will be starting my job as a science enrichment teacher soon.

Like, tomorrow.

This afternoon I went into the office and got my employee handbook, my curriculum binder, and my lab coats. I met a bunch of the others I'll be working with and generally got a quick and dirty run down of what to expect this week.

I've got my calendar for the week and a boat load of excitement over the lessons I will be teaching.

Unfortunately, we have been dealing with crazy weather lately and all the schools will be closed tomorrow due to record low temperatures. That means no science teaching for me. It also means no snow day for this lady... I will be at the office doing some video training so I'll be prepared to teach all by myself early next week.

Woot woot!

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